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There are several ways in which they can make the viewer interested and attracted to the title of the ad , and it can be said that the tapes advertising more effective if it is created and prepared in accordance with the methods and the following instructions :

Ask questions :
You have to use the tapes ad to ask a question in the mind of the viewer , many Internet users are finding themselves forced to answer such questions , especially if asked their opinion. For example , if you declare a store that deals in all of E-books and traditional paper books , you should in this case be put on the client the following question: Is the sovereign will of the e- books in the future? Because a lot of people have a strong correlation of electronic books , this question would raise the attention of many viewers .
Call to make what you do :
Be determined through the tapes ad on the viewer what must be done from the proceedings , as if asking him to click in that position .
Renewal and replacement tapes ad :
You replace the tapes ad repeatedly , according to the Yahoo site telling viewers of the ad title in two weeks which means you must be willing to renew and replace tapes ad every few weeks . If you have a limited number of tapes ad and you advertise in many of the sites in this case you can view these ads , alternating between locations.
Standard sizes :
If you are setting up a group of tapes ad , you have to make it relevant standard sizes – and we mean here to be the size of 468 at 60 for horizontal and ads ( 60 in 120 ) and ( 125 to 125 ) for the adjacent ads .
The small size of the file:
You have to ascertain that the file size of a small advertising the title as much as possible . There are at most of the sites are limits to the size of these files . A good web designer is the one who knows how to use colors and graphical methods to make optimal use of the files as small as possible .
Smart fees can help to highlight and clarify the tapes of the ad web page as a whole, as they earned a great look attractive .
Avoid false claims :
You can be sure that the title accurately describes what the ad viewer will find it on the site. If you announce brokerage services and mediation on the Internet – for example , you have to use the title of my ad says, ” If you want to achieve more than they dreamed of wealth , click here .” However , this method may help to increase the number of clicks and the number of visitors is not interested in what is already offered by the site.
Gravity Video:
Title should be advertising an attractive and interesting , and you have in this regard, to leave the task of preparing the establishment of these tapes ad for a professional web designer , on the other hand , the weakness of the design as well as the limited use of Web technologies is reflected negatively on the reputation of your company, Valasthaddam limited colors could make Title Advertising seems clumsy . On the possibility of a good web designer to deal with a limited number of colors and creative duties in order to create the title of my ad adorable and attractive visually while maintaining a small file size .
Hyperlinks and clarity :
You have to show that the ad is a hyperlink , there are users new to the Internet every day may not be so obvious to everyone , it is difficult to distinguish advertising is drawing from the rest of the contents of the website design if you did not bother to highlight that the ad contains a hyperlink , it is possible to achieve this quite easily by placing a blue border around the image color or write certain words in blue and put a line under it .
Advertising placements tape :
No less important than the position of the tape advertising on a web page about the importance of the message you are trying to connect to customers. And then you’ll be sure to evaluate the positions that you can advertise on the site , which declares that from which position you choose to serve your marketing campaign perfectly. And in this regard you can design your ad conditioning depending on the position to be inserted therein.

Are putting a lot of tapes ad at the top of a web page , a Get Auto Commissions position which may be good because it means that the address advertising will be the first component is loaded may be the only thing seen by the customer for a few moments by downloading the rest of the contents of the page – especially if the client connection Internet slow. On the other hand , it is possible to have to put advertising in the top of the page disadvantages because this is the traditional status is common in all the sites , which makes the client accustomed to seeing tapes ad at the top of the web page always , which could lead to simply ignore it .

Based on this, we find that some of the ads that are placed on the bottom of a little web page is very attractive and the enthusiasm of the customers even more. It places which are inserted tapes ad where frequently the right column that can accommodate the size of ad addresses ( 120 in 60 ) and ( 125 in 125 ) , in addition to the vertical ad titles with custom size . The status of the tapes ad in this position makes a wider field of vision as part of the contents of the site and not as a mere announcement advertising .

Evaluate the effectiveness of the ads:
To evaluate the effectiveness of the promotional campaign , which depends on the tapes ad , it requires you to be able to answer certain questions , such as :

What is the number of people who have clicked on the ad?
Do you stayed for a while on my site?
Do you have any purchasing operations ?
The site , which can advertise through which to tell you the number of times where they had been advertising download to the client computer during a limited period . With this , and collect useful information about the effectiveness and efficiency of the tapes ad , you’ll also need to statistics showing the number of times that you have made clients on advertising and the actions that they did then . There are two basic instruments to measure the effectiveness of advertising tapes : Analysis of files and transaction services to comment.

1 – analysis of the files of transactions :
It is possible that the analysis reveals that the transaction files and programs unit web service created a lot of information on the title effectively advertising . For example , you can set up a special page associated one of the tapes through ad links , and can to this page to guide the user to the home page of your site . By counting the number of times to visit this page redirection , tool can analyze files transactions conductivity of the number of users who have access to your site by clicking on a particular advertisement .

It does not require you to use the redirect page , but in many cases the simplest ways in which you can measure the effectiveness of advertising . Another means possible to pass a unique value in the URL associated with each announcement . It is possible in this case, this value is recorded in a database or in files and transactions referenced to identify the number of times each click on the title of my ad . It can be used with users who do not support their own navigation tools redirects your Web page .

Analysis tools show you files transactions – such as WebTrends – the countries that belong to the customer . With this information you can determine whether you will continue to advertise on a site or not , for example , if you advertise on my Web Site One and Two Web Site, and you pay the same amount of money to two locations in the peer- advertised products through them , Let us assume that the analysis of the transaction files reveal to you all that Two Web Site send downloads to your site than any other site refers to the URL.

2 – Services to comment :
You can access files on the analysis of transactions by other companies instead of relying on computer software. And operate these services through the inclusion of HTML code on each page of your website , then this code sends information to another server you log loading and data transmission. And in this case you can see the data in a secure part of the service ‘s Web site to comment.

For this method some of the negatives are as follows:

Required of employees to search across the entire web site in order to add the required HTML code to each page . If your site uses a database to manage the content , it may not be for these services provide the ability to download information related ads for each product on the website on the user’s machine .
Because the software and Web server automatically creates files transactions , it is worth to use these files , and will not be in need of computer programs to analyze the transaction files internally , and these programs are accessible to everyone , but if your budget is very limited .
The use of this method means that another party – is coursing service – will be introduced on the rate of visiting your site . Some companies have considered this information is privileged , then it may not wish to be shared with others .
Buy and sell tapes ad :
That the company must determine whether you want to buy advertising services or the sale of advertising services as part of its policy or resource . If you purchased advertising services on other sites , but you do not display ads on your site , Vstfotk in this case the opportunity to achieve some of the potential profits , hence , it may be better for your e-commerce not to accept ads on it. And then you can tell from your site targeted advertising for your company’s products and you are not products of other companies .

If you do not accept ads of others on your site , it will offer these services advertising on sites that sell products and services complementary rather than products and services compete with a good idea , for example , can be one of the Get Auto Commissions sites selling files audio tracks online ads for one of the sites that allow sale concert tickets and no ads sites selling other audio files, tracks , and you can through other display ads on your site develop another source of revenue as long as the ads do not lead to the withdrawal of your customers to third-party sites .

Tapes ad targeting :
The determination of the location where you will through your ads fun is very important as it is part of the challenge of promoting on the Internet, and on the other side , there are sites entry with the degree of high load , such as Yahoo, Excite can declaration in which in exchange for amounts you select. But the question that arises in this regard is : Do you allow such sites targeting the quality you want it ? You in this context targeting the appropriate location from which to advertise .

Dealing with the delegates of ads:
To overcome the complexities of choosing the best ways to promote on the Internet , it may be in your best interest to engage the services of representatives of advertising through the Web. Delegates and enjoy these professional contacts and wide and many also have access to more Web sites that accept ads by others are better than you . They can also advertising companies through the web to help you reach distinctive sites , as well as assist in evaluating the performance of your ads delegates , and above all of the above , it can help you find a graphic designer particular the Web . Reaching addresses alternatives to advertising – such as the promotion of care during the campaigns – may be more convenient to use when delegates ads , due to the dense and extensive contacts .

Private Networks delegates tapes ad :
It is an effective means through which you can communicate your message to optimally use the private network delegates tapes ad . The networks are created through this compilation of a huge number of sites that display advertising services then divided into categories .

And are selling these services advisory networks for advertisers who want to show their ads on a range of web sites and not on a single Web site . Instead of choosing a particular site for the development of advertising it , you can use the network tapes ad delegates to choose the category you want to display your ad through them, and contribute to this service to increase the number of downloads of ads on client machines during a limited period . It also will not need in this case to maintain relations with all individual of the sites that display ads through it. For example , suppose that your site sells computer tools , in this case, can the network advertising on your site through a variety of sites that include contents related to computers own a lot of customers – the beginning of the Director of IT departments to home users and hobbyists .

Swap tapes ad :
If your company has an advertising budget is limited, it may not be in Asttaatk use of the above-mentioned manner in promotion and publicity for your products. However you can still campaigns to promote your products on the Internet without having to pay cash – and we mean here is that you’re capable of barter or exchange of advertising space with other sites. The results of this method will achieve more effective and successful if enlisted a network for the exchange of ads .

The members of the network for the exchange of declarations in this case the inclusion of code on their Web site shows tapes advertising other members . And require some networks show these tapes ad at the top of Web pages .

And despite the fact that your site displays the tapes advertising other Get Auto Commissions members , the tapes your ad is displayed on sites for members of participants , and is allocated a certain number of times download titles to your computers for customers to Web sites other members . The greater the number of times these downloads recorded by your own ad addresses for the network , increased Downloads that are customized to your address ad .

And in this regard you can increase the effectiveness of your ad campaign through the use of communication networks for the exchange of tapes ad just as it is with the networks tapes paid advertising such as Double Click. You can also evaluate the performance of your titles online advertising .

Programs of reference :
Of the other methods to direct download to your site , use the reference program , which is also known as sub-program . Do not require such programs from your site that displays the ad tapes . It also does not require a huge cash expenses such as those required by private networks tapes advertising or advertising agencies . The Get Auto Commissions programs of this by making reference sites of other companies offering your address in exchange for advertising to pay them a commission for each new download . It is possible that the process of payment or reimbursement based on the number of clicks or visitors or new processes that are purchasing – and we mean here to get the amount for each process of purchasing or get a percentage of the total purchase amount .

It must for you to notice that the assumption that the programs reference a cheap way your company can from which advertise their product , and if failed to estimate the number of companies that will insert or registration program reference your accuracy, the amount of load that will be generated for your program , you may end the case to pay cash to Members in this program more than originally calculated , and on that you have to plan for the structure of the payment process which is based on the Get Auto Commissions in an appropriate manner .